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Introducing EcoStruxure


Active energy management architecture from Plant to Plug

Schneider Electric is the only global specialist in energy management providing an integrated approach designed for the reality of the Digital Economy.

The solutions to the energy challenge are multiple and complex. In most cases, these solutions rely on a stronger and more efficient collaboration between the key stakeholders (facility and building managers, IT managers, factory supervisors, plant engineers). A true understanding of energy management reveals that component level efficiency is only the first step. Energy-efficient components are now the entry fee for the game, not the game-changer.

The levels of efficiency required must involve system dynamics across segments, platforms, and providers like never before. As mankind has benefited from intelligence, it is now time to see how intelligence can improve our energy use.

Our response to this challenge is EcoStruxure.

EcoStruxure is not a product but rather an approach to creating intelligent energy management systems. These systems are simplified, save money, and most importantly, reduce waste by enabling a guaranteed compatibility between the management of power, white space, process and machines, building control, and security. EcoStruxure’s agile architecture brings optimised systems within reach of a wider audience because of its compatible product designs and open-platform software. It provides end-users with the critical tools needed to reduce their design time, CapEx and OpEx.

As consumers, businesses, and entire economies become increasingly reliant on technology, they insist that devices become more intuitive, more efficient, and more intelligent. With EcoStruxure, Schneider Electric encourages them to expect the same of their energy.