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                                      Energy and climate change

                                      Achieving more while reducing carbon emissions and using less resources


                                      The energy dilemma

                                      The fact is, we have to cut the world’s CO2 emissions in half by 2050. However, energy demand – a major source of CO2 emissions – will double by that date. Renewable energy sources are mandatory but not enough to change the energy mix today.


                                        Energy demand by 2050, Electricity demand by 2030,
                                      (Source IEA 2009)
                                      CO2 emissions to avoid dramatic climate changes by 2050 
                                      (Source IPCC) 

                                      To find out, let’s take a look at the world in 2030

                                      • 8 billion inhabitants, 60% will live in cities
                                      • 2 billion will join the middle class
                                      • Demand for electricity will be 76% higher than in 2007
                                      • China and India alone will represent over 50% of incremental energy demand
                                      • 1.3 billion people will not have access to electricity, mostly in Africa and India
                                      • Electric vehicles will represent 60% of world share in passenger vehicle sales
                                      • Renewable energies will have a 22% share in the global energy mix
                                        (Sources Robert Garner - Trends compendium -2008, World Energy Outlook 2009 - AIE / OCDE)

                                      The most effective solution: energy management

                                      As energy demands escalate from all aspects of our global society, the most acute pain point is that for every three units of energy created at the power plant, only one makes it to the point of use at the plug. It follows that the war on waste  - a focus on ‘negawatts’, or megawatts not used - will most likely deliver the best returns for businesses and residences.


                                      57 percent 

                                      of world’s CO2 emissions reduction will come from end-use efficiency by 2030

                                      (Source International Energy Agency 2009)


                                      By implementing integrated energy management solutions in industrial, commercial, or residential buildings today, we can save up to 30% of three quarters of the world’s final energy consumption. This is Schneider Electric’s focus.

                                      To know more

                                      To know more 

                                      Schneider Electric answer to the energy dilemma


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                                      2009 Annual report