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About us

                                      The Smart Grid

                                      Transforming the way we all use energy today


                                      By turning the “jurassic” linear energy grid into an intelligent and interactive network, it is changing our behaviours, revolutioning the energy value chain like the internet revolutionised IT in the late 90s.

                                      Get an insight on the revolution of the energy value chain


                                      The four main triggers of the Smart Grid

                                      • Renewable energies, allowing consumers to be their own utilities and creating the need to  connect these distributed sources to the central grid

                                      • Active energy efficiency and energy management, making energy visible and giving consumers the means to act on their energy consumption

                                      • Electric vehicles, reshaping the way everyone thinks about private and public transportation

                                      • Real-time grid management, to anticipate consumption and adapt energy supply accordingly

                                      Only companies who have the right understanding of behavioural and technological implications behind these triggers will be able to make the most of the Smart Grid innovation opportunities.  Schneider Electric has the vision, the portfolio and the commitment to be one of them.

                                      To know more

                                      To know more 

                                      Schneider Electric answer to the energy dilemma


                                      Latest news

                                      With Areva Distribution acquisition, Schneider Electric reinforces its position in the Smart Grid,


                                      2009 Annual Report

                                      2009 Annual report