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    Argus 系列

    Occupancy sensor

    Often forget to turn lights off? Always turn on lights to their maximum brightness when you don’t’ need it? The easiest way to save energy is to stop wasting and optimize the usage of lighting.
    Occupancy sensors turn lights on or dim the lights automatically by detecting movement within a space. With occupancy sensors, there is no more fumbling for light switches in the dark or leaving lights on that you don’t really need.

    Other Argus products

    • 360º红外&超声波存在感应器(明/暗装单负载) 360º红外&超声波存在感应器(明/暗装单负载)
    • 360°可调光红外存在感应器 360°可调光红外存在感应器
    • 红外遥控器(双鉴存在感应器专用) 红外遥控器(双鉴存在感应器专用)
    • 360º存在感应器基本型(明装单负载) 360º存在感应器基本型(明装单负载)
    • 360º存在感应器(明/暗装单负载) 360º存在感应器(明/暗装单负载)
    • 360º存在感应器带红外遥控(明装双负载) 360º存在感应器带红外遥控(明装双负载)
    • 360º存在感应器带红外遥控(暗装双负载) 360º存在感应器带红外遥控(暗装双负载)
    • 红外遥控器(存在感应器专用) 红外遥控器(存在感应器专用)


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