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    The history of Clipsal

    Founded in 1920, Clipsal by Schneider Electric has become one of the leaders in electrical accessory products, known for its innovation and quality.

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From the beginning, this iconic Australian brand has stood for innovation and advanced electrical engineering. Today, Clipsal enjoys leadership positions in data communications, industrial infrastructure, energy management, building management systems, home control systems and cable management solutions

Milestone Dates

  • 1920s Alfred Gerard develops the product that gave Clipsal its name, an adjustable, one size “clips all” metal conduit fitting.
  • 1930s The company achieves several manufacturing breakthroughs, including the first all-Australian electrical switch.
  • 1950s Clipsal pioneers thermoplastics and develops the world's first PVC cord top, vertical combination switched socket and more.
  • 1970s Clipsal begins exporting to Asia and benefits from the popularity of its E Series accessories throughout the region.
  • 1980s Clipsal continues to expand on the strength of many innovative products, reaching its market-leading position.
  • 1990s A division of Clipsal launches the C-Bus product range and accompanying protocol used in building and home automation.
  • 2000s Schneider Electric acquires Clipsal, strengthening its position in Asia-Pacific as well as in the market of electrical accessories and data communications.

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