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    The history of Feller

    Since 1909, Feller by Schneider Electric has been delivering high-quality electrical installation products to generations of satisfied customers. Today, it is the leader in the Swiss electrical installation market.

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From early rotary switches to modern home control systems, Feller by Schneider Electric has a rich history of industry-shaping innovation and award-winning design. It has also established a strong position in building control and energy management.

Milestone Dates

  • 1909 Swiss entrepreneur Adolf Feller takes over a company in Horgen and starts selling, and eventually producing, electrical installation products.
  • 1920 The Feller offer includes, rotary switches, sockets, plugs, and sockets for flush mounting and other accessories.
  • 1931 Elisabeth Feller, only 21 at the time, takes the helm. She successfully leads Feller for 40 years.
  • 1932 The company launches its first toggle switch and establishes itself as a leading Swiss manufacturer.
  • 1940s Thanks to Elisabeth Feller, employees receive sick and retirement insurance, a rare benefit at the time.
  • 1973 Elisabeth Feller dies while the company is at an all-time high, having quadrupled its turnover since 1946.
  • 1991 Expanding its popular product offer, Feller launches the EDIZIO range of switches, available in 14 colors.
  • 1992 Schneider Electric acquired Feller, to enhance its portfolio in the Swiss market.

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