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The Right Process Automation Partner is Critical to Your Success

Finding the right process automation solution is critical to the long term success of your operations. It must have the right technologies developed with safety and reliability at the forefront, be robust enough support a wide variety of applications, and have the right lifecycle support to ensure the lowest cost of ownership over the life of the asset.

Process Automation

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  • Solutions

    At Schneider Electric we offer a unique combination of best-in-class telemetry and remote SCADA solutions that contribute to the smart, efficient, reliable and sustainable management of your remote operations and assets in critical infrastructure with complete and integrated field-to-enterprise offers. We help you successfully tackle the challenges of efficiently managing your remote operations and assets during their entire lifecycle, ensuring optimum return on your investment. We transform field data into information that is relevant and instrumental to improving your business.

  • Value Proposition

    • Tightly manage the cost of ownership
    • Implement a secure and reliable SCADA system across a wide area network
    • Gain operational efficiency from field to enterprise
    • Minimize risk by improving safety and regulatory compliance
  • Differentiation

    • Integrated, rugged and reliable products to manage critical infrastructure systems in their entirety based on industry-accepted international open standards in all solution areas from field to enterprise.
    • Optimized for dynamic business environments: online system modification and expansion and object oriented configuration management
    • Security designed in at all levels from field to enterprise
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At Schneider Electric we understand the operational risks and issues. As a partner, we can support you through design, implementation and the long term upkeep of your operation. We accomplish this through our wide variety of technologies, expertise and services. Together we can create the solutions that make the most sense for your business today and tomorrow.


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    Ensure production and protect assets through highly reliable automation solutions.

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    Enable the enterprise to connect to the process automation system for full business control

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    Achieve lowest total cost of ownership through Schneider-Electric’s future proof philosophy and development enabling you to the upgrade in stages when new technologies or applications become available.