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Power Electronic Senior Design Engineer

上海 (上海), 中国
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The role is for a Senior Power Electronics Engineer. 资深低压变频器电力电子工程师 Job Grade 6



l  Self-motivated and working under periodic high pressure.

l  Ensure the electronic design during the PMP or PEP project.

l  Follow Schneider internal process and quality strategy.

l  Focus on the drive/motion product (0.18kw~315kw) for China and global market. 针对中国和全球市场的低压变频器产品开发(0.18~315千瓦)

l  Transfer and understand marketing requirements.

l  Coordinate with other functions, such as Mech, purchasing, cost, ADM…etc

l  Daily job includes usual project execution and advance technology research.

l  Maintain and increase knowledge/expertise of product engineering technologies, competitor analysis. 参与低压变频器工程设计,基本拓扑选择,竞争对手产品分析。

l  Develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for new products.

l  Create Schematic, Bom, design specification…etc, guide PCB engineer.

l  Making prototype and implement analog circuit designs (like power electronics topology, protection circuit, switched power supply…etc) and digital circuit designs (DSP/CPLD periphery circuit, digital/Analog input/out circuit)

l  Deeply involved into the Verification/Validation Test to verify the design to meet all functionality, reliability, serviceability, customer, and regulatory requirements. 深度参与产品开发阶段的设计与功能测试。

l  Debug and solve many technically challenging issues as part of a multidisciplinary design team.精通硬件调试与问题分析。



l  Master degree of power electronic with 5+ years of drive products design experience is preferred. Bachelor degree will need 7+ years’ experience. 电力电子专业硕士文凭,至少5年以上变频器产品设计经验。学士学位需要7年以上设计经验。

l  Good knowledge of power electronic, topology (2-level, 3-level), component selection (IGBT, HCT, Bus Cap, Mosfet) and thermal calculation (power loss simulation), protection strategy (short circuit, over voltage, thermal). 3+ years experience of drive platform design is a strong nice to have. 精通电力电子知识、拓扑设计、元器件选择(IGBT, HCT, Bus Cap, Mosfet)、损耗计算、保护策略(短路,过压,过温)。3年以上变频器硬件平台设计经验会被优先考虑。

l  Sensors and signal conditioning (grounding schemes, filters, A/D…). Current/Voltage measurement methods. 传感器与信号处理设计经验,包括接地,拓扑,滤波器,数字/模拟转换。常用电流电压检测方法。

l  IGBT gate drive circuit design. 精通开关器件驱动电路设计。

l  Switched power supplies (Forward/flyback DC/DC converters, PFCs, power efficiency, reliability…). Able to design and guide the supplier to develop the transformer and inductor. 开关电源设计经验,熟知常用拓扑,器件选型,损耗与效率计算。能够指导、协同供应商进行高频变压器和电感设计。

l  EMC principle knowledge, Differential/Common path, Conducted/Radiated Emission… EMC相关原理掌握,差模、共模路径分析。辐射传导与发射传导问题解决

l  Analog circuit design (Amplifier, 2/3 order filter, Monte Carlo method)

l  High-speed digital design and circuits (microprocessors, DSPs, memories, CPLD), familiar with basic controller functions (analog/Digital input or output). 3+years controller design and CPLD programming is a strong nice to have. 告诉数字电路设计经验,熟知主控板功能设计,包括数字、模拟输入输出接口设计,编码器接口设计。3年以上主控板设计会被优先考虑。

l  Schematic/PCB design and tools skills(Allegro)

l  Familiar with simulation tools (matlab, plecs, pspice), basic knowledge of motor control

l  Familiar with related standard, IEC61800-5-1, UL508C 熟悉变频器相关标准,至少包括 IEC61800 UL508C.

l  Good oral and writing English skills, able to communicate with internal and foreign engineers through email or phone meeting.

l  Positive attitude and team player. Desire for challenge, new technology and self-improvement.

l  Enthusiasm for power electronics and product development.







·  丰富的变频器、伺服驱动领域知识和经验

·  至少五年以上固件设计和代码编写的开发经验 

·  丰富的实时操作系统环境下的嵌入式软件开发经验 VxWorks,嵌入式Linux, Free RTOS

·   熟悉主流厂家芯片下的编程及其各种工具如ST, NXP, TI, Renesas

·  精通C/C++编程和调试

·  设计和开发通信总线软件,Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, ProfiNet

·  设计设备驱动/硬件接口,如I/O, Keypad

·  设计和开发安全软件如TLS, SSL等,满足IEC 62443-4-2

·   熟练使用固件的各种测试方法和工具

.   具有固件架构经验的优先考虑




·  丰富的沟通和协调能力

·  工作态度积极主动

·  乐于接受新技术,新方法的学习,如敏捷工作方法等

·  团队合作指导,人际关系良好,专注于团队目标和成功

·  英语写作良好

时间表: 全职
请求编号: 008RS2
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